Wendy Sama

As I wonder if I was real, I discovered that emptiness, was the other side of infinity.

I consider my work is everyone, through a piece of me.

Self-taught photographer, visually inspired by paintings, but also by the work of the psychoanalyst  C.G.Jung, this is why the words, shadow, persona, enlightenment, inside, are terms that come back often.

I tried to mix the recurrent theme that we can find in painting like enlightenment, awakening, Annunciation, with the almost surreal, and too clean to be true fashion side. With a mystery vibe which allow the viewer, to feel and explore their own inside.

For me, photography is the voice of the others who reside inside me but need to be set free. It is a road from the darkness to the enlightenment. and this is what I am trying to materialize through my photography, darkness and light.

If you are interested to work with me, please contact at:

E-mail: admin@samawendy.com